General FAQ

What is Mingoville?
Mingoville is a free interactive online learning environment featuring English lessons for kids. We combine fun English games for kids with songs and colourful characters to help children learn English online in a fun "edutainment" model. Mingoville can be used to improve a child's English language and comprehension skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and even pronunciation. Mingoville lets children learn English from anywhere where they can access a computer with an Internet connection, 24 / 7.
Are there any Mingoville offline courses or schools?
No, Mingoville is strictly an e-learning program in English for kids. We do not have any offline English language courses (e.g. CDs), schools, or ESL programs.
Can Mingoville be used to learn languages other than English?
Currently Mingoville only offers English lessons for kids. However, Mingoville creators are hard at work creating additional foreign language e-learning programs, including those in Spanish and French.
How do I sign up for Mingoville?
Press the large green "free" button on the homepage. Fill out the subscription form. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing your access information. Login, and start enjoying our fun "English for kids" online learning program.
Who is Mingoville best suited for?
Mingoville was designed to help kids between the ages of 5 and 14 learn English online. However, Mingoville's highly interactive e-learning environment has been used successfully by ESL students over the age of 14. It also depends on where the student comes from (e.g. we have older users in Asia, whereas European kids tend to start the Mingoville course a little earlier). In some cases, younger age groups may need initial assistance in their English lessons. We even have adults using Mingoville to take advantage of our free listening and pronunciation tools.
Will my child learn to write essays?
Essay writing comes with writing practice. Mingoville contains spelling and writing exercises in English for kids. However, these exercises are at a beginner's level that won't prepare students to write essays in English on its own. Mingoville does provide a solid foundation in English for children to pursue further studies.
How can I evaluate the progress of my child?
When you enter the main Mingoville portal, you will see a "My profile" button. This is where you should go to monitor your child's performance
Will my child get a certificate upon completion of the Mingoville course?
Yes. We can provide your child with a proprietary Mingoville Certificate upon request. With Mingoville's non-traditional approach to English lessons for kids, it's really up to you to decide whether or not you want to claim the Certificate.

Technical FAQ

Do I need to install anything to start using Mingoville?
To use Mingoville's courses in English for children, you need Flash Player version 9.0. In order to preview some downloadable files you should have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
I am having a trouble accessing Mingoville. What can I do?
First check your Internet connection. If your connection is working fine, make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. If you forgot, or are unsure about, your username or password, you can request a new one here. If you still cannot access Mingoville's online English lessons, please contact us (don't forget to include your current username and password) and we will respond within 48 business hours.
Some activities in Mingoville do no work properly, or Mingoville runs very slowly. What should I do?
For the best experience we recommend a minimum Internet connection of 56 Kbps. Due to rich and colourful content contained in Mingoville, those with a slow Internet connection may experience downtime. We are also continuously adding new features to our online program in English for kids, and occasionally upgrade the current version of Mingoville. Sometimes these things may affect some of our students' ability to connect to the service. Please contact us if features suddenly stop working.

Privacy & Security

Will Mingoville give (or rent) my private information to any third party?
No, we will never share our users' private information with any third party. Mingoville respects your privacy.
How do I select a secure password for Mingoville?
During the registration process for your online English lessons, you must select a password. For security reasons, we recommend that your password contain both letters (e.g. A, B, C or a, b, c) and numbers (e.g. 1, 2, 3 ).
Will I receive emails from Mingoville?
Mingoville may email you to inform you of new language e-learning product releases or new features that will enhance experience while trying to learn English online. We may also contact inviting you to participate in our mini-surveys to get feedback on our online English lessons for kids, to help us improve our products and services.
Is Mingoville a secure application?
Yes. All communication takes place through our secure servers where we store our primary and backup data.

About us

Savivo is a digital educational provider. Based in Copenhagen and founded in early 2000s, the mission and vision of Savivo is to bring back the magic in learning.

As an award-winning education e-games and apps developer, the company has the winning formula to create fun, innovative and savvy games for kids. Savivo’s bestsellers include Mingoville English, Mondiso Math and Fun Clock.