Mingoville English: School Edition is a fun, interactive, online environment with characters they'll love! Many experts say kids learn English best when they're young. As a parent, you can take advantage of this by getting them started right now!

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  • It's for everyone! To take the course no English experience is required
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"Thanks to Mingoville, my 7-years old son made dramatic improvements in his mastery of English."

Texas, USA

"Mingoville has helped our son a lot! After one year he's learned more than I thought he ever would Thank you very much!"

Stockholm, Sweden

Mingoville Preschool - Age group 4 to 6

Do you have younger children? Try Mingoville Preschool!

Mingoville Preschool will help your children improve their general understanding of English. It offers a fun way to learn basic English vocabulary, spelling and sentences. It is aimed for children in the preschool age (4 to 6 years old).

For such young children to learn, it is important to make the material as interesting and fun to work with as possible. Mingoville Preschool does exactly that with its intuitive and playful gameplay and through the characters and visual effects.

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