Mingoville Storytelling is a new and fun program that helps children to read, illustrate and create their own interactive books. The app distinguishes itself from competitors by utilizing the scientific “Whole Language” approach, where the emphasis lies on learning to read by writing. After listening to the stories, the children will be on a mission to retell and create their own unique stories, that they can write, record and illustrate with hundreds of colorful pictures.

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You can get the program from your app store.

Combining creativity, analytical skills and vocabulary training, Mingoville Storytelling is a new way of training languages!

Mingoville Storytelling: Teachers' Guidebook

Do you want to know how to use the Storytelling app in class? You can get Lesson Plans, Activities and Competition Ideas, that can easily be implemented at schools, from the Mingoville Storytelling Teacher's Guidebook. Take 10 minutes to read it today and save time on preparing your class activities tomorrow!

You can download it for free from the iTunes store or as PDF here:

Mingoville Storytelling on tablet

You can get the program from your app store.

Why is Mingoville Storytelling a unique literacy and reading program?

Mingoville Storytelling can help your children read, by making them write:

  • 10 different stories, each presenting a unique theme
  • 160 descriptive pictures that stimulate children’s creativity
  • Storytelling helps to develop children’s vocabulary and writing skills
  • Create your own stories option
  • Supports voice recording, for even more incredible stories
  • Share your stories using email or unique book codes option
  • Available in 14 languages with real voice actors: English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Finish and Dutch.

About us

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As an award-winning education e-games and apps developer, the company has the winning formula to create fun, innovative and savvy games for kids. Savivo’s bestsellers include Mingoville English, Mondiso Math and Fun Clock.