Make it FUN for your school's students to learn English online with Mingoville's comprehensive lessons in English spelling, grammar, reading, and even pronunciation.

YOU Get to Choose the English Lessons Most Relevant to YOUR Students!

Colourful characters engage students, letting kids learn English by "doing" through an edutainment e-learning model featuring lessons, songs, and English games for kids.

Our bundled licenses are available to schools with a full administration program allowing teachers to plan, select, and evaluate all student activities.

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Mingoville understands that:

  • Children learn English best when it's fun. Kids learn English more effectively when they are immersed in the language.
  • Not all children learn English in the same way.
  • Mingoville English: School Edition does all of this in a fun, interactive, online environment with characters they'll love! Many experts say kids learn English best when they're young. As a parent, you can take advantage of this by getting them started right now!
  • Mingoville English: School Edition will work for any student, whether they learn best by playing (interacting with games), seeing (associating images with written words) or hearing (listening to English songs and dialogues).

Mingoville English: School Curriculum

The Mingoville English programs provide a full school curriculum, which is compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the TOEFL Primary Tests.

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Free exercises

The students have to describe the characters in the pictures. The more detailed the description, the better.
Like traditional bingo, but with English words instead. Divide the bingo tickets among the children and start saying the words out loud. This document contains two different sets of bingo. Be careful not to mix them up!
Cut and Paste
Classic Cut & Paste worksheet for children. Print and cut out the items and stick them onto the background. There are two backgrounds with items. Kevin's House and Esmeralda's House.

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